flooded back yard
Eliminate Puddles and Pooling Water

Landscape drainage is an important first step when addressing flooding on your property. Over-saturated soil leads to shifts in the foundation of buildings, which causes serious damage to your property. Too much water can also lead to muddy areas of standing water, attracting mosquitos, and causing damage to a lawns turf, and leads to permanent and pricey damage to your foundation.

An economical choice for waterproofing solutions is landscape grading. Similarly, drain fields or french drains are another quick and budget-friendly solution. Typically, we install an outdoor drainage system at the lowest possible point of a yard. But, these systems can also be installed in other areas with high water concentration. Lastly, a simple solutions such as downspout extensions are necessary to move excess water from foundations.

Prevent and divert excess water in your yard sooner rather than later. Contact Koppers’ Quality Basement Waterproofing for landscape drainage services for your home or business.

French Drain Installation and Landscaping

When to install Landscape and Yard Drainage Systems
  • Storm water retention
  • Yard drainage
  • Parking lot drainage
  • Channel drainage
    • Retaining walls
    Types of Landscape Drainage Systems

    There are a many types of landscape drainage systems and materials, including: Surface drainage systems, Subsurface drainage systems, french drain pipe systems, filter fabric or multi-flow drainage systems, and Geotextile fabric systems.

    • Surface Drainage Systems: This is a standard drainage system used for irrigation or in areas of excess rainfall. This system works only through the application of gravity, and comes in either a bedded or graded system.
    • Subsurface Drainage Systems: This is also a standard type of drainage system that, although below ground, has similarities to surface drainage systems. It also works due to gravity, but operates in a regular and controlled system.

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