As societies become more aware of rising heating bills and increases in flash floods, green roofs are becoming a more affordable and sustainable solution to water retention and energy conservation. Although the price of green roofs are higher than a traditional roofing system, the long-term benefits and money saved, far out way the cost.

Green roofs are an ecological and practical storm water management solution that captures and stores rainfall on a platform designed for plant growth. Rainfall either evaporates or is absorbed by plants, which help to reduce large runoff volumes, peak runoff rates, and pollutants onto surrounding areas. 

As a layered system of roofing materials, green roofs are designed to retain water with minor vegetation growth. They also help to prevent water from pooling on roof surfaces. Our roofs are designed for both vertical and horizontal water drainage outlets. 

When roofing a new building or re-roofing, consider adding a green roof for waterproofing management. Installing a full or partial green roof to an existing building provides an innovative, cost effective, and long-lasting solution. 

Biggest Benefits of Green Roofs

Green roofs generally start at around $8 per square foot, but the benefits far out way the initial investment. Green roofs last twice as long as traditional roofs, and they protect the roof membrane from weather and UV radiation. Because of the extra growing medium and vegetation, they also maintain stable temperatures within the home.

  • Green roofs are beautiful, create habitat, promote health and well-being, 
  • Attract customers and increase sales with the added event space.  
  • Reduce storm water runoff. 
  • Protect building envelopes.
  • Conserve energy.

With so many years and versatility, give Koppers’ Quality Waterproofing a call today to discuss if a green roof is right for you. We work with large scale and small general contractors, architects, landscape architects, engineers, roofing contractors, developers, waterproofing manufacturers, and homeowners.