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Exterior Waterproofing Services

Are you seeing bowed walls, cracked floors, or walls? Then call us immediately to discuss foundation repairs. Generally, the problem is usually excess water near your home. Essentially, water your home that causes the soil around your foundation to swell or shrink. Naturally this leads to structural wall damage.

Unfortunately the DMV area has high levels of clay soil, leaving homes vulnerable to water damage. Not addressing the problem will lead to severe damage and the home collapsing. Unfortunately, there are many causes for water entry, and there are many reasons why you may need foundation repairs.

Foundation Damage Causes:
  • Property built on poor clay soil;
  • Home improperly built on compacted fill soils;
  • The area around the foundation has poor drainage;
  • Extreme seasonal changes: flash floods, heavy wind, hurricanes, etc;
  • A plumbing leak below your home;
  • Tree roots are growing too close to your home;
  • An earthquake, flood or drought damaged the building;
Our comprehensive foundation repairs services includes:
  • Installation of an exterior moisture barrier such as CCW Quickdrain;
  • Placement of a drainage board on the exterior basement wall to send excess water to a drainage system;
  • The installation of a moisture membrane to block water seepage inside
  • 3/4” of washed gravel to replace dirt to relieve built-up hydrostatic pressure, and ensure water passage to the footer drainage system;
  • An installation of a footer drain to push water away from the foundation;
  • A sump pump installation with dual pumps, or gravity discharge sump pump;

At Koppers Quality Basement Waterproofing, we run through all the options. There are no foundation repairs we can’t handle. Overall, our full exterior waterproofing services includes dirt excavation, and a total outdoor drainage system. Most importantly, we have years of experience with foundation piers, wall anchors, crawl space jacks, and other products. So rest assured. We will find the right solution.

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