The Benefits of a Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl space encapsulation is just one of many waterproofing services that we provide for our community here in the DMV. Residential homes vary widely, some have basements or slab foundations, others have crawlspaces, and some have all three. Despite the differences, if you own a home that is built over a crawl space, over the years you may encounter some common issues. From humidity, insect and rodent entry, to cold drafts, crawl spaces come with a variety of problems.

But when you add an encapsulation or vapor barrier, you are helping to reduce the moisture in your crawl space. By applying a waterproof barrier you can also reduce the risk of growing harmful mold in your home. Improve your homes air quality, and decrease your energy bills with this simple installation. At Koppers Quality Waterproofing we apply a 6mm poly-vapor barrier, an additional encapsulation membrane, and a seal to stop moisture from penetrating into your home.

Benefits of crawl space encapsulation include:
  • Better air quality in crawl space areas, which means better air quality in your home;
  • Greater energy efficiency. Homes with conditioned crawl spaces save up to 20% of home energy use;
  • Fewer insect and critter problems;
  • Greater durability of floor, HVAC equipment, and other components in the crawl space;
  • Reduced humidity and crawl space temperatures in living areas.
  • A new, clean storage space for your home.

There are many specific circumstances to consider when updating crawl spaces, such as any local atmospheric combustion appliances, and major water entry issues. Give us a call to see if its the right time to update and optimize the use of your crawl space at 301-860-1202